I-MED Online 2.0

I-MED Online 2.0 is a new, improved patient image and reporting platform that makes it easier and faster to access the information you need, without having to download software or change viewing modes.

I-MED Online 2.0:

  • Image and report viewing on one page

    The desktop version allows you to view images and report simultaneously, avoiding the need to switch between screens.

  • No need to download software

    Once you've created an account, no other software is needed.

  • Improved viewing speeds

    With the new 2.0, viewing images and reports is much quicker.

  • Filter and customise

    You can choose how to arrange your 'Results' page to your own preference, e.g. alphabetical, date, modality etc.

  • 'Breaking glass' now much simpler

    I-MED Online 2.0 has a new, streamlined process when you need to access images and reports of patients other than your own.

  • Secure search and storage

    I-MED Online 2.0 complies with Australian privacy and data storage legislation. It allows you to browse images and reports within a secure network with auditing and tracking ability.

  • I-MED support is at hand

    With dedicated Chat support and phone and email support as well, you'll have all the support you need to get set up with I-MED Online 2.0.

I-MED Online 2.0 - Your questions answered

I already have an I-MED Online/InteleViewer/MIA Direct account. Do I need to create a new one?

Yes you do. The new I-MED Online 2.0 is a completely new platform. This requires all our users to create a new account. (You can re-use your current user name and password if you want to.)

Why can't I use the Practice's group or generic (ie practice@...) email address to create an account?

In order to comply with Australian privacy legislation, and I-MED's legal obligations concerning patient information and health records, each I-MED Online 2.0 user must have a unique email address. This ensures secure access and provides tracking and audit capability. In addition, having a unique email address allows you to update your settings (i.e. create new password) and manage your account if you need to.

I use InteleViewer. Can I still use it with the new I-MED Online 2.0?

Yes you can. With I-MED Online 2.0, you can use either the built-in image viewer or you can view images via InteleViewer. We would recommend that practitioners' use the same user name for I-MED Online 2.0 as they do for InteleViewer.

Do I need to download new software?

No, there is no need to download any software or controllers. Once you have your I-MED Online 2.0 log-in details, you've got the App, you'll be able to view images and reports both on your desktop or on any mobile device.

How do I "break glass" with I-MED Online 2.0?

When you're using I-MED Online 2.0 on the desktop, the "break glass" function is now much simpler. Patient ID is no longer required - just search by patient name and date of birth, and click on the padlock to "break glass". There is no "break glass" function on the App.

Why should I upgrade to 2.0 when my current system (I-MED Online/MIA Direct/InteleViewer) is working fine?

The new I-MED Online 2.0 offers enhanced features and improvements, especially in terms of ease of access and compliance with Australian privacy legislation. And the agility of the new App makes I-MED Online 2.0 an even more useful resource tool for practitioners.

Which browser should I use?

I-MED recommends the Chrome browser for optimal performance.

What happens once I create an account in I-MED Online 2.0?

Once you've created your account, we'll send you a confirmation email with your verified user name (often on the same day, but no later than the next business day). You will then be able to log on and start accessing patient images and reports - both on your desktop and through the App. (Please note: there may be a slight delay the first time the image viewer is launched within the App).